Umi Sushi Bar & Grill
Shanku Angelo

          Austin Roll

No rice roll containing white fish, kani, sweet egg, asparagus and jalapeno deep fried then topped w/ Japanese spicy mayo and roasted garlic — $14

            Shanku Angelo

Slow roasted lamb shank with a blend of ginger, anise seeds, soy cause & red wine cooked until tender, served with wild mushroom risotto drizzled with a touch of wine truffle oil. - $22

Teriyaki Maguro

          Teriyaki Maguro

Black and white sesame crushed Ahi tuna, served with teriyaki sauce over wasabi mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus - $23

Austin Roll

Welcome to Umi Sushi Bar & Grill






Looking for sushi tonight? Here at Umi Sushi Bar and Grill we offer a
full selection of both traditional and innovative nigiri style sushi
and rolls. Sushi doesn't have to be raw either. Our best selling
roll is the Hot Roll which is a tempura styled roll with red snapper
on the inside then topped with spicy japanese mayo, masago and
scallions. If you are feeling adventurous, check out our sushi bar
where our front house sushi chef will be more than delighted to chat
and create delicately balanced appetizing tasters to tantalize your
palate. Perhaps shoot some ebi in ponzu sake spiced with freshly
chopped jalapeno peppers.

If sushi isn't your thing at all we have all sorts of kitchen gourmet
like our Teriyaki Maguro, Gyu Style Wagyu, and Shanku Angelo. Then there are traditional plates like Ton Katsu, Nabe Yaki Udon, and Bento Boxes also. As for dessert how about some plum wine ice cream or cheesecake tempura?

Don't want to miss your game? Our full bar features 3 television sets
and drinks ranging from cocktails to draught and bottled beer both
domestic and import. Let's not forget our ever changing wine list,
including refined and nigori styled sake. Did someone say sake bomb?
Umi sake umi sake oi oi oi!!

We also offer a private dinning room with volume/ lighting control if
you like it dim for a romantic evening or bright for a business
presentation, all you need is a reservation.